Parent/Guardian Behavior Climate Policy

The Boys and Girls Club of Milford (BGCM) is committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment for all children, families, and staff. This Parent/Guardian Behavior Climate Policy outlines expectations for parents/guardians behavior to ensure that it aligns with the Boys & Girls Club of Milford’s mission and vision.

Club staff will use training and support to act in a manner that helps to ensure a positive experience for all Club members. This will be done in a manner that is mindful of the individual, responsive to the specific situation, and done with respect, care, and concern for the child. Staff will interact with parents/guardians in the same regard. As a parent/guardian, it is expected that conflicts/challenges/concerns are addressed with Club staff in a manner that is mutually respectful. 

  • Staff will not be yelled at, threatened, harassed, or demeaned by parents/guardians. Every effort to reach an agreement should be done with reasonable attempts made from both sides (staff and family). 
  • In the event that this does not happen, parents/guardians will be addressed via the Director of Operations and/or the CEO/Executive Director regarding resolution to the problem. 
  • If necessary, it will be escalated to the Board of Directors, who is the overall governing body of the organization and will make final decisions. 

BGCM reserves the right to terminate any membership based on the behavior of parent/guardian. Conduct which falls below the aforementioned is a violation of organizational policies and will be addressed immediately with actions up to and including suspension or termination of membership. In an instance in which membership is terminated for violation of organizational policies by the parent or child, no refund will be administered.